Marianna-Panama City UMC District Office
Sunday, April 26, 2015



“Staying in Touch”

Dear Friends,

As you have probably guessed by now (since you did or did not receive a call from me), we have made the appointments for the coming year. I had a seminary professor that once said, “they hand out the appointments and the disappointments at the same time”. No doubt, that is the case each time. I am sure some of our clergy are very happy and others are extremely disappointed. I try to tell everyone that this process is like a puzzle where every piece has to fit. That is not an easy task.

It has always been my practice to pray and trust that God is in the decisions. I will assure you that I prayed heavily over the entire process and I know that my colleagues and the bishop did the same. We all talked about having trouble sleeping. This responsibility is too big to take lightly. Clergy and their families are all affected by the end result. The future direction of the local church will be shaped by the decisions. We knew we needed the Holy Spirit to guide us.

I want to thank you for your prayers for the bishop and cabinet over the past few weeks. It means so much to know that you are interceding for us in prayer. We can only trust that with our human frailties, we have received God’s wisdom and guidance.

We are now quickly moving toward Annual Conference. It has been a fast year. I will be praying that those who are moving will finish strong and that the rest of us will see God’s plan unfold as we continue in our present appointments.





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