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Tuesday, March 31, 2015



“Staying in Touch”

Staying In Touch
I am sure this message finds our churches and clergy deeply involved in the Lenten season.  It is hard to believe that Holy Week is so near.  I know you will all be busy with services leading to a glorious Resurrection Sunday.  I appreciate the many opportunities you have given me to participate in your services.  I always enjoy being in our churches for worship.  It is still my goal to be in each congregation for worship as soon as possible.  I do realize this is going to take time since we have nearly seventy churches.  I have scheduled commitments until Annual Conference, but I am open after that.  I would welcome an invitation to preach or be a part of one of your celebrations.
Perhaps some of you are experiencing spring fever like me.  I am so grateful for the beautiful weather we have had in the past few days.  I am sure our spring break friends from around the country have appreciated the beautiful Florida climate.  I live in a place where I come in contact everyday with people from other states.  They love it here and I love to hear that.  It reminds me of the blessings we have here in the Marianna-Panama City District to live in such a beautiful part of God’s world.  This is just one of the many things that I am grateful for in our district.
I want to say how much I also appreciate the hard work going on in each local church to reach others for Christ.  You have been so faithful in reaching out to the communities to invite people to worship, and we are seeing growth.  I am also grateful for your faithfulness to support the larger UM Church with your gifts to the Conference and District.  Also, we are now moving past the 95% mark on the “Imagine No Malaria” campaign.  Soon we WILL reach our goal.  Only around five thousand left.  Please help us push past 100%.
Well, I have to go for now.  I have been inside too long and the sunshine is calling….LOL.




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