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Special Charge Conference Schedules

-Some pastors like to get their charge conference over with early in the fall. If you are one of them, let me know and I'll put you early on the schedule.
-Some pastors/churches like a daytime charge conference so nobody has get out at night. Let me know if you would like a daytime charge conference. I love charge conferences in the daytime...they are helpful to my schedule!
-If your church has special circumstances whereby you need your charge conference on a particular date, let me know and I'll try to accommodate.
-I'm planning to do all charge conferences separately this year...no clusters are planned. But if you would like to join your charge conference with another church or two nearby, let me know and I'll work it out. It will help my schedule!


 Police Chaplain

 Pastor John Woodrow of Gulfview UMC was interviewed by for WJHG Faces and Places of the Panhandle.  To watch his interview click HERE.  


UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) collects hygiene, school, and cleaning kits for distribution within the United States. Relief kits help provide care for the most vulnerable people during times of crisis. Kits help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies when a disaster strikes.
At annual conference in June 2019, we are asking churches to bring UMCOR kits yet again. As an added variation from previous years’ collections, we’re asking each district to bring individual items for the hygiene and school kits. The Marianna -Panama City District bulk supplies are:

Pencils for school kits

  • Unsharpened pencils

Gallon Bags for hygiene kits

  • One-gallon size resealable bags only

Supplies and all completed kits will be shipped to the UMCOR depot in Baldwin, Louisiana.

NOTE: UMCOR recently updated their content list for school kits. Instead of the cloth tote bags, they are requesting 2-gallon resealable plastic bags.

Completed kits are always welcome – schoolhygiene, and cleaning kits.